Hope in Germantown.

I’ve been attending La Salle University for almost three years, but I never took the time to become acquainted with the surrounding neighborhood—until now. There’s a predominantly negative stigma associated with La Salle’s neighborhood, but that’s not to say that Germantown and West Oak Lane have lost all hope. As I roamed the streets of Germantown, I asked a few people on the street what they thought was the most redeeming, hopeful quality of Germantown. Though a majority were initially stumped, they all were able to name a few of the many areas in Germantown that help hold the neighborhood together as it continues on, furthering its already storied history.

Vernon Park, situated between Germantown Ave. and Greene St., showed signs of life despite the recent snowfall.

Afternoon in Vernon Park.













A tutoring center, though closed on a Sunday, is exactly the sort of establishment that Germantown needs. Education is one of the most important things in determining the future of Germantown.

Tutoring Center on Germantown Ave.









I spoke with 64-year-old Marcia Jenkins, a local resident, who took issue with the number of addiction centers in the Germantown/Chelten area, though she did find the ethnically and religiously diverse nature of Germantown to be uplifting.

Marcia Jenkins










(Photos taken with a Nikon D80— 18-55mm)


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2 responses to “Hope in Germantown.

  • vinnyvella

    Good stuff. The one with Marcia is my personal favorite.

  • Huntly Collins

    Hi Kevin,
    Like your theme, though I had a little trouble reading the text because it’s green. Would white work better? Dunno.
    Very impressive that you actually talked to people!
    In first pix, you refer to signs of life at Vernon Park, but the photo doesn’t show signs of life.
    The Jenkins photo has real potential. Lighting seems to be an issue; you might want to Photoshop it to brighten. More importantly, however, a close up of her face might communicate hope more than the landscape-type shot you have here.
    Nice work.
    Professor Collins

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