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Protest like an Egyptian.

I don’t know what to think about the Egyptian riots (revolution?). I’m admittedly sympathetic to the rioters’ cause, but I’m also wondering if, should they prevail, the new government would be opposed to the West.¬†Initially, I had hoped that these events were in opposition to the government in general, due to the poverty rate and widespread corruption. I recently read an article on Yahoo saying that there have been attempts to free several prisoners, mostly members of the Muslim Brotherhood.¬†Should the protesters succeed, there very well may be a theocratic government set up once Mubarak’s government falls. If that is the case, Egypt’s long-standing peace treaty with Israel may cease to exist. However, a New York Times article points to the Muslim Brotherhood and the secular opposition coming together around a prominent government critic, Mohamed ElBaredei. Maybe a collaboration between the religious and secular population is just what the country needs should Mubarak’s reign come to an end.

I saw a video that, while a bit sensationalist, captures the true essence of what the riots are all about (at least that’s what I think, anyway (NSFW language, violence)).